Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ever wonder?

Ever wonder what the inside of cell looks like? Well, my students have been studying that very idea for the past few weeks. As our culminating project the students were required to use everyday household items to represent the various organelles in the cells.

Given my clientele...these weren't half bad. Only half of the groups presented today so I will post more tomorrow.

Hahaha... a remote control for the nucleus... get it? These kids are geniuses!

If you only knew the story on these kids- you would be proud of them too!

That gel/vomit looking stuff in the bottom is actually hair gel...lots and lots of hair gel... my class smells like a salon.

I have yet to take a picture of my favorite one...3 students forgot that their project was due today (we have only been working on it in class for 3 days) and improvised. Did you know you can actually represent every single organelle using the parts of a calculator and some makeup? Yup, its true.

Oh, funny moment. My 8th graders have been learning about atoms. Today I taught them the "Atom's Family" song (totally awesome by the way and I would be happy to sing it for anyone interested... "Their tiny and their teeny, much smaller than a beany, they never can be seeny, the atom's family...). One of my class clowns raised his hand and asked, "Can I sing it in Oprah?" Huh?? I was so lost. I asked him, "You want to go on Oprah and sing this song?" "No," he responds, "I want to sing it in Oprah... you know, lalalalalala." "Oh! You mean OPERA!!!" (I couldn't help but chuckle) "Yeah, sure, if you want you can sing it however you'd like." It is those little giggle moments that help me keep my sanity.