Sunday, January 1, 2012


Jordan and I love going to aquariums. We have held a membership to at least 1 aquarium every year since we have been married. For Christmas, I gave Jordan a membership to the (only!) aquarium in Utah- Living Planet Aquarium.

Since Miqui has been staying with us for a few days before she heads up to school, we decided it was time to take Ezra for his first aquarium visit. The aquarium is small but for a state that is completely land locked, it wasn't too bad. We all had our own favorite species. Miqui's loved the penguins, Jordan enjoyed watching the moray eel, I wanted to bring home the caiman or a sting ray and Ezra was fascinated by the sharks. Perhaps we have a future elasmobranchologist on our hands? :)

I forgot that I had my phone in my purse until after we got back to the car (duh Jessica!) so most of these pictures are from my phone.

 Miq and Ez looking at fresh water fish found in the Amazon river.

 Miqui making a silly face.

My 4 month old is already taller than a full grown rock penguin! 

Aunt Miq thought that Ez needed a stuff animal to celebrate his first trip to an aquarium. Meet Splotch.. Ezra's newest best friend.