Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Using the broiler: a cautionary tale

So on Monday night Jessi was feeling under the weather, meaning that dinner was going to be my domain for the evening. After some deliberation and feeding her the instant mac n cheese she asked for, I decided to make myself some delicious nachos! I spread the chips out on a pan and spread grated cheese over the top. I even fried up some chorizo to liven it up. As I prepare my meal, I start to day dream...

Ezra is a toddler, and for undefined reasons, Mom is out for the night. So I, being the super cool Dad I am going to become, decide to make a fun, not especially nutritionally balanced meal. Ezra is naturally amazed at my cooking prowess and is very proud of himself as he helps to spread cheese over the nachos to be...

Outside of dreamworld, I slide the nachos under the broiler to melt the cheesy goodness. After a minute and a half I decide to check on my much anticipated masterpiece. I open the oven door and see the the edges of the chips are browning, but the cheese is melted. In that same instant, fresh oxygen is rushing into the oven. Apparently that was all that was needed to turn a culinary master piece into this:

My dreams literally went up in smoke as I tried to blow out the flames, setting off the fire alarm and running with the pan out to the porch to keep the smoke out of the house. Gwen, who had watched the whole procedure, looked at me as if to say "Dad, you REALLY messed up." By the looks of things, I think she was right:

In other news, the Jack in the Box crew really brought their "A game" that night.