Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Big Sister

Gwen was an only child for over a year and was used to being the center of our world. Then we had the nerve to bring home Ezra. At first Gwen wasn't too sure. She didn't know what this new addition meant or when it was going to go away. I think she has figured out that he is here to stay and that she might as well get used to it.

For the first time last Saturday we took Ezra with us to the dog park. I thought that once we got to the park Gwen would forget us completely, like she usually does. Instead, she would play with whatever dogs were closest to us. She would play for a few minutes and then come check in, checking to make sure Ezra was still in his stroller. We walked around the inside perimeter of the dog park (there is a cement path) for about an hour. Gwen continued to check in. After a while we sat down and I took Ezra out of the stroller. Several dogs (including a baby Great Dane) came by to say hello. Gwen continued to play but stuck fairly close by. A husky come over and began to smell Ezra and me. Apparently Gwen thought the Husky was smelling for too long because she came and very calmly, but with a definite "this is my baby" attitude, put her self between Ezra and the husky. Once the husky turned and left, Gwen trotted away and continued playing with the dogs. As much as she may miss being an only child, I think that as Ezra gets older  they are going to be best of friends .

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  1. I just love that last picture of her. I think it's so sweet that Gwen keeps checking on Ezra!It helps me feel better reading this post because one of my worries has been how Berlin will react to not being the center of attention once our little one is born. Hopefully she'll be like Gwen and learn that the baby is another family member to love and protect!